Hand & Nail Care The showcase of each person is his hands. This is the most weary and rather neglected part of the body. During washing, the skin loses fat and moisture. Under influence of different chemicals and detergents, hands become dry, chapped and reddened. In autumn and winter, your hands are exposed to wind and cold, and in room to dry air. On the hands can be seen at the earliest signs of aging. Therefore, they require regular oiling and moisturizing and special treatments in beauty salon.


Every woman wants to have beautiful and well-groomed hands. At Be Beauty, we focus not only on the high quality of the treatment, but we also guarantee the highest standards of safety and hygiene, because a well-made manicure is more than a beautiful colour. Following this thought, from among the nail polish brands available on the market, we choose only those that, through certification and approvals of their products, ensure safe use. Including dermatological tests important for people with sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. We also care about sterilisation. We start the treatment each time with hand disinfection and use disposable gloves. All reusable tools, such as nail drill bits, cuticule nippers, cuticule pusher, are first disinfected and then sterilized in the highest class medical autoclave. The rest of the accessories used by the cosmetologist during the manicure are only disposable items, so you can take home your file and nail buffer after the procedure. However, if you do not need them, the tools left in the salon are disposed of as medical waste. In this way, we take care of every detail that shapes the quality of service and the health of our customers.

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Nails Treatments


Gel nail polish or Shellac – has fast become the most widely used gel nail product in the industry. Our ‘The Manicure Company’ professional gel nail polish collection consists of over 120 stunning, richly pigmented, smooth and opaque colours. The colours perfect cure under LED light and last for a minimum of 14 days. In 45 minutes we are able to change your nails beyond recognition (we will also take care of the shape of your nails and your cuticles).

Japanese Manicure

Specifically designed to repair and strengthen weak, damaged nails (especially after gel nails, shellac) leaving them with a healthy natural gloss for up to 2 weeks!

Gel Nails

There are two types of gel, hard gel and soft gel. Hard gel gets its name because, once cured, it is tough enough to be made into a nail extension. Nail extensions are artificial nails created by using a nail product to extend the nail past the edge of the natural nail.


Manicure – reserve 30 minutes for us, and during this time we will change your hands beyond recognition. We will file the nails to your dream shape and then we will remove the cuticles. Next we will paint the nails in your favourite colour and finally we will put the cream and cuticle oil on the cuticles so that your hands will be unrecognizable.

Full Manicure

Do you need more than a regular manicure? Try our manicure wellness and you won’t regret. It is a comprehensive treatment cherishing the hands and the nail plate. We apply a skin scrubber, which seeks to remove keratinized epidermis of the skin and stimulate circulation. We are taking care of your nails (file them and removing cuticles), then we are applying a mask, which provides moisturizing tired, and ravaged hands and strengthens the nail plate.


You only have a few minutes? Lunch break? This is all we need to change your feet beyond recognition. In 30 minutes we will file the nails, cut the cuticles and paint the nails in your favourite colour. From now on, you can enjoy the effect for up to few weeks.

Full Pedicure

Do you suffer from a thickened epidermis? Or maybe you have painful calluses to remove? Try our wellness pedicure and we will bring relief to your feet. First soak feet in water, which is designed to soften the skin, so it is easier to remove dead skin cells. Next we will take care of your nails (file them and remove the cuticles), then we put on a mask that moisturizes the feet and strengthens the nail plate. Treatment restores the skin velvety smooth, even the most stressed person introduced in the mood of relaxation. Leaves skin soft and supple.

Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax – it is an enjoyable treatment, which improves skin texture, colour and delays ageing sighs. It is also very beneficial for the treatment of stiff joints, as it provides a steady high level of heat without the tissues relieving pain.

We perform the treatment only in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments.