Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment is a technology aimed at producing light of high intensity during a very short period of time and parameters chosen according to the patient’s skin. Our systems offer a powerful and precise computer-controlled treatment and safety of use. Treatments are felt by patients as mild, with the possibility of grading results and minimal risk of side effects.

What are the contraindications to perform an laser treatment ?

As with all laser treatments are contraindicated in pregnancy . Procedures not carried out also in the case of irritation, and skin diseases, vitiligo, psoriasis and cancer. The treatment is also inadvisable after using self-tanner and a fresh tan. Other contraindications are excluded in an consultation before the surgery (this may be the use of cosmetics with vit.A, anticoagulant drugs or recently made scrubs).

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Laser Treatments

Laser hair removal

It is currently the most effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair. Provides for the best results and highest efficiency. Length of treatment depends on the area where it is executed and the color of the hair. These two conditions also affect the number of treatments – usually required a series of 6-8 meetings with the expert.


It is a skin treatment to treat some skin conditions and remove wrinkles arising from photoaging. IPL penetrates the skin and stimulates cell to regeneration and collagen production. Photorejuvenation not only improves the condition of skin, but also heals the skin . Is usually required of 4-8 session.

Thread Veins Removal

Mostly common on the face, body and legs. Laser treatments will remove fine and large thread veins quickly and effectively and 4-8 sessions is usually all that is needed to leave your skin feeling smooth and blemish-free. This is a non invasive treatment for veins 1-3 mm in size.


Hyperpigmentation occurs when excess amounts of the skin pigment melanin collect in the skin, resulting in dark patches of skin frequently called age or sunspots. IPL helps to neutralize hyperpigmented areas while minimizing damage to other areas.