Eye Treatments

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions make you look younger, as well as more fashionable and attractive. They can make you more self-confident and feel beautiful. Moreover, they are also amazingly practical, because they set you free from the need to use mascara what saves a lot of time. BeBeauty salon offer professional eyelash extensions in Waterford at affordable prices. Make yourself look stunning with our amazing treatments!

Tinting it is basically to colour your eyebrows and eyelashes to either bring out your eyes more or to match your hair colour.

Anti-wrinkle treatment for the eye area (40min)

Indications for treatment:

  • Dry skin, sensitive, loss of firmness,
  • damaged and dehydrated skin excess
  • sunbathing,
  • smoker’s skin with greyish colors,
  • Women and men of all ages.


  • long-lasting, deep hydration,
  • DNA protection and enhanced immune resistance of the skin,
  • preventing skin aging, improve voltage and color.


Collagen Pads – Eye Care Treatment

            Collagen pads – contain pure collagen, vit. A, E, as well as complex proteins. Current flow, allowing  increases the heat in the collagen pads, which frees extra ingredients, then they are absorbed through our skin. This treatment improves the microcirculation, reduces puffiness and brightens dark circles under the eyes. Skin around eyes becomes more firm, shallow wrinkles appear smoothed, as well as strengthening the walls of blood vessels. The result – as the naturally botox!The procedure should be performed at least every 7 days for the next 5-10 weeks.