Swedish Massage

Why have an swedish massage?

Everything we do and feel in our daily lives affects our body. Pressure from work, meeting targets, crises, poor posture while working or driving, muscle stiffness, carrying heavy shopping home or simply leading a very busy life can result in us feeling tired, exhausted, sore, stressed and anxious.

Swedish body massage treatment is strongly recommended if you suffer regularly with from bouts of stress and emotional problems (depression, panic attacks and anxiety), tight muscles, painful joints, etc.

Overloading our body can manifest itself in a number of negative responses and unexpected symptoms, such as headaches, muscle stiffness, back pain, fatigue or digestive problems, especially if there is no opportunity to release them. Body massage is one of the oldest and most natural treatment methods.

The holistic approach believes in the healing power of relaxation and gentle touch bringing a relieving and calming effect to mental and physical overexertion. It takes into account not only symptoms, but also aims to treat the cause and rebalance the body to achieve homeostasis (balance of the body and mind).

Because each treatment is tailored to an individual’s needs and according to a client’s lifestyle, the treatment has significant effects on the body’s overall system, maintaining general health, fitness, flexibility, complementing traditional medicine and helping to prevent future injuries. Together with our aftercare advice, we will help you to stay in control of your own health.

Swedish massage procedure

The first session starts with a short consultation (15-20 min) where we will discuss your health, family history and lifestyle. From this information we will put together a profile for you and tailor treatments that suit your own personal needs.

Afterwards, you will lie down comfortably, enjoy the atmosphere enhanced by candles and relaxing music, close your eyes and enjoy the treatment. At the end of the session your therapist may give you some home care advice on how to enjoy the lasting benefits of the treatment and improve your body’s overall condition.

Each treatment helps to recharge your batteries and boost your self-esteem. And if you feel in good shape on the inside, it will shine through on the outside too!
Benefits of swedish massage .It has been proven by ancient and modern medicine that everybody benefits from holistic massage treatments. Swedish massage is strongly recommended if you suffer regularly from bouts of stress and emotional problems (depression, panic attacks and anxiety), tight muscles, painful joints, delayed muscle soreness after vigorous exercise, insomnia, exhaustion or poor posture.

Benefits of the swedish body massage for the body include:

Relieves muscle fatigue, tired and sore muscles
Relieves stiff joints
Releases toxins
Improves the tone of the skin, its colour and its regeneration
Encourages better blood circulation thus delivering nutrients more efficiently
Reduces swelling by encouraging better lymph drainage
Encourages better waste removal
Encourages deeper and more relaxed breathing
Improves sleeping patterns
Improves the immune system and overall condition of the body