The treatment consists of cleansing the nails, give them proper shape and length. Skins are prepared to cut the traditional nippers. Manicurist softens the skins of special preparation, pushes them gently and cut with nippers. Next step we use file to give a nice shape of the nail plate, then nail polish and cuticle oil. At the finish we apply medicinal cream.


Pedicure Wellness


It is a comprehensive treatment cherishing all the feet and the nail plate. First soak feet in water with salt, which is designed to soften the skin, so it is easier to remove dead skin cells. We apply an enzyme peeling, which seeks to remove keratinized epidermis of the skin and stimulate circulation. We do Pedicure, then layered moisturizing mask, which provides moisturizing tired, and ravaged feet and strengthens the nail plate. Treatment restores the skin velvety smooth, even the most stressed person introduced in the mood of relaxation. Leaves skin soft and supple. After 20 minutes we do relaxing massage and paint.