Non Invasive Liposuction

Non Invasive Ultrasonic Liposuction means figure correction by utilising high-frequency ultrasonic waves.

We are all aware of the benefits of a good diet and plenty of exercise, yet this isn’t always enough to give us the shape we really want.

Ultrasonic Liposuction is a highly effective way to give your figure a helping hand, by removing stubborn pockets of fat that will not disappear in the gym. Ultrasonic Liposuction is pain free and non-surgical / noninvasive.

Scientists have confirmed that our fat cell quantity is determined before we reach the age of 20. This quantity is also determined by diet and lifestyle. We then live with our initial quantity of fat cells for the rest of our lives, unless we do something about it. This explains why some people don’t gain much weight while others do.

The results of surgical and ultrasonic liposuction are practically the same. However, with ultrasonic, you avoid the surgical procedure and its consequences ie: General anaesthesia, cutting and scarring, pain and overall health risks. There is no downtime and you can return to work immediately.

Dieting will decrease fat cells in size; but, although the size of the fat cells is decreased the quantity remains the same. With Ultrasonic Liposuction fat cells are permanently destroyed so Ultrasonic Liposuction is the most effective way to eliminate fat cells. One procedure can remove up to a pound of fat or 1.5 inches of the area being treated.

Ultrasonic Liposuction has the ability to treat areas that have denser fat deposits and to remove larger volumes of fat at one time.

It also has the added advantage of tightening the skin during the process.

How is the Procedure of Ultrasonic Liposuction Done?

This process involves transmitting sound waves directly to areas of the body with excess fat. These waves destroy the fat cells, which are turned to liquid, before being passed naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.

Using an Ultrasonic head, the specialist can target specific areas of the body and break up fat cells as required. The wand is pressed lightly against the skin, giving a massaged sensation. During the treatment, you can expect to feel relaxed and comfortable. You can expect to return to your daily duties immediately afterwards.

For 3 months after the procedure the problem zone continues decreasing without any further assistance.

How Many Sessions are Required?

It is possible to see immediate results! The number of sessions all depends on how many inches you want to loose. A course is usually between minimum 6 to maximum 20 sessions in any one area.

Will the fat cells return?

The fat cells treated with ultrasonic liposuction will not return or re-grow, so that is a permanent effect. However, the length of time that the body shaping will last for is really in your hands.

How much you eat and how much exercise you take will also affect your long term body shape. So if you take in more calories than you use, your weight and fat will increase and the permanent removal of fat cells from your treatment will be hidden by your weight gain.

Are there side effects?

Ultrasonic Lipo is extremely safe as it is non surgical and non invasive. You can return to work and normal activities immediately.